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Human Performance Technology, or HPT, is the application of systematic methods of analysis, design, and evaluation to improve the accomplishments and outcomes of people working within organizations.

Human performance encompasses the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences people apply to their jobs. It also includes the influences of group dynamics, management practices, and organizational culture on the way people approach their work. These complex and interrelated systems combine to produce performance...quantifiable results or achievements.

The term technology should not be confused with the use of computers or other machinery. In HPT, technology is the application of practical, scientific processes to examine and determine the most effective and efficient interventions to improve performance.

Stolovich and Keeps (1999) cite the following key attributes of HPT:

This Toolkit is intended to provide the HPT professional with a collection of resources and guides that support these attributes. It also serves as an overview of the models and methods an HPT professional might apply to improve performance in any organization.

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Deb Wagner
Boise State University

(This website was created December 2004 as a final project for Diane Gayeski's
IPT 560: Human Performance Technology, a core course in
Boise State University's graduate program in Instructional and Performance Technology (IPT))


Stolovich, H. D. & Keeps, E. J. (1999). What is human performance technology? In H. Stolovich & E. Keeps (Eds.), Handbook of human performance technology (2nd ed.) (pp. 3-23). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer.